Устройство автоматизации процесса скрининга Rigaku ACTOR

Rigaku Oxford Diffraction Устройство автоматизации процесса скрининга Rigaku ACTOR купить в Техноинфо


Устройство для автоматизации рутинного процесса скрининга и сбора данных.


ACTOR является доказавшим свою эффективность прибором для выполнения рутинных действий при скрининге кристаллов и сборе данных как в синхротронах, так и лабораториях. Совместимый практически со всеми комбинациями гониометров и детекторов, ACTOR сводит к минимуму Ваше физическое участие в процессе скрининга кристаллов и сбора данных.


  • High throughput X-ray crystallography
  • Automated sample mounting and X-ray data collection for crystals


ACTOR accessories:

  • Dewar Baseplate Options: ALS/Unipuck baseplate, Rigaku baseplate, ESRF baseplate with flipper, Kinematic baseplate (multi-magazine support)
  • Laser pin sensor
  • Barcode reader for barcode pin sample tracking
  • RFID reader for RFID pin sample tracking
  • High-speed dryer
  • Software libraries available
  • ACTOR Tool Kit

ACTOR magazine (puck):

  • Holds up to 12 samples mounted using standard 18 mm Hampton pins. This gives an effective length of 21 mm from the top of the magnet.
  • Magnetized bottom for secure positioning in the ACTOR staging dewar and ACTOR storage racks
  • Constructed of aluminum for frost-free use and durability
  • Slotted for manipulation with the ACTOR magazine tongs

ACTOR magazine tongs:

  • Hemostat-style closure for secure handling of ACTOR magazines
  • Tips fit into ACTOR magazine slots to ensure secure manipulation

ACTOR storage rack:

  • Holds up to five ACTOR magazines
  • Fits into standard CX100 (or equivalent) shipping dewars
  • Individual slots for secure storage of ACTOR magazines
  • 2 designs available for use with Taylor-Wharton HC20, HC34, HC35, and VHC35 storage dewars and/orTaylor-Wharton CX100 travel dewar

ACTOR pin tongs:

  • Used to transfer mounted crystal into an ACTOR magazine slot
  • Artery style clamp closure keeps sample secure during transfer from mounting dewar to magazine
  • Maintains crystal at cryo temperatures
  • For use with standard 18 mm Hampton pins

ACTOR pin check:

  • Used to quickly check that sample vials and pins are correctly seated in the ACTOR magazines