Безгелиевая ВРТ (VTI) с загрузкой сверху ICEoxford

Product Code: DRYICE4 TL

A top-loading, cryogen-free variable temperature system that is capable of reaching a continuous base temperature of 1.5K with a full temperature controlled range up to 300K.

The continuous flow VTI can be either static or dynamic, fully top-loading into a 30mm sample space. Uses a simple gas handling / pumping system to circulate a volume of helium gas.

Top Loading Cryogen-free VTI System with 7T superconducting magnet (see the picture)


Options / customisation:

* Further vibration isolation
* Line of sight ports
* Optical windows

Probe additions:

* Additional wiring
* Coaxial cables
* Wave guides